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Deadline extension for submitting the proposal for BFI-Biome Medical INI programs.
New deadline: 21st May 2024.
‘Blockchain for Impact’ carries forward the baton of the Crypto Relief Fund, a phenomenon that came to the fore at the peak of the second COVID wave in 2021. The relief fund mobilized resources from the global blockchain community and managed to make a positive dent in the healthcare system of India.
Vision & Mission

Introducing the BFI - Biome Network!

Bringing together institutes and incubators forgroundbreaking healthcare solutions through biomedical innovation and research.
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Supporting India’s healthcare system through a cohort of comprehensive themes

District Full-Stack Program

To cater to the notable absence or inadequacy of a comprehensive, To Introduce multi-faceted healthcare delivery that stems from the grassroots, we are harnessing the "District as a unit of change" concept to deliver reoriented, re-organized, and people-centric healthcare solutions on the ground.

Biomedical Research & Innovation

To foster advancement in affordable healthcare To foster advancements in affordable healthcare, we are empowering research and medical communities, cultivating dynamic partnerships in biomedical science, and harnessing innovation to facilitate tangible solutions.

Innovation & Research

Supporting India’s effort in increasing its capacity to strengthen the country’s healthcare infrastructure. A conclusion seemed obvious about the apparent need for a platform for scholars and young professionals to get involved from basic to intricate Research & Development assignments.
Blockchain For Impact as a catalyst, and in coordination with fellow partners, strives to forge multi-sectoral collaborations that deliver long-term equitable medical preparedness mechanisms.
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To make our impact felt on the ground, we are always on the lookout for industrious, purposeful, and self-motivated individuals.
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